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De-registering Your Child

You do not need to register your child for school if you intend to home educate them.

However if they are already registered to attend a school or already attend school you will need to notify the Head Teacher of your intent to remove them for home education.


In order to de-register your child from a school, you will need to write a letter to the Head of the School that they attend, asking for them to remove your child's name from the register.

The letter should include your name, address and other contact information, and your child's name.

You DO NOT need to give reasons for your decision to remove your child from the school!

You should also request a written confirmation from the Head Teacher or receipt of your letter and also ask them to confirm the date that your child's name will be removed from the register.

If the Head of the School refuses your request it is advisable to write a letter to the School Governor's Chair.

A School Head Teacher has no power to prevent you from removing your child from their school.

It is advisable to keep send all of your letters via recorded delivery and to keep the receipt, or if the letter is hand delivered to request a written receipt.  

Also it is best to keep a copy of all the letters that you send and receive.

When de-registering your child, it is the School's responsibility to inform your Local Authority and this should be done immediately.

If you receive a letter from your Local Authority regarding your choice to remove your child from school for home education, you are under no legal obligation to reply, meet with them or fill in any questionnaires.

Special Needs Schools

If your child attends and is registered at a special needs school, you will need permission from your Local Authority to remove them.

You can request permission by writing a letter to the Education Department of your Local Authority.

The letter will need to include your name, address and other contact information, your child's name and the name of the special needs school that they attend.

You should explain that you want to remove your child from school to educate them at home and that you will ensure that they are provided with a Full Time Education suitable for their age, aptitude, ability and special educational needs as declared in section 7 of the Education Act 1996.

It is advisable to ask for a written confirmation of receipt of your letter and a response to your initial request within 14 days.

Your Local Authority may refuse to grant you permission to remove your child from their Special Needs School due to ensuring the safety and welfare of more vunerable children.

This restriction however, should not be used to make it difficult for you to exercise your right to educate your child by means other than school.

If your Local Authority refuses your request it is advisble to seek futher guidance and support.

*Please note that all of the above information is relevant only for England.  Different laws may apply in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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